Yohel Yurivilca Arellano (1984) PERUVIAN. I graduated from high school ARTISTIC TRAINING 'FINE ARTS "SPC TARMA PERU 2005. My specialty is drawing and painting and graduated as a teacher in art education.

Vision and mission, I am dedicated to draw and paint pictures Artistic oil, acrylic, pastel, Other (landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers, people, photographs etc.) in different styles and techniques.

People who have headed to the effort to learn ART.

Colleges and Academies

  • 2006 -2008 "COLLEGES AND PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS" - Professor A. Yohel Yurivilca.A
  • 2009 "RESTAURANT Macchu Picchu" South Korea Plastic Artist Yohel Yurivilca A.
  • 2011- 2014 "ART STUDIO Jordanne" Directed by Yohel Yurivilca A.

My primary basis is to teach and show the public my art and the art of my country.

Email: y.yuriart@hotmail.com