Henry Anderson

Golden, Colorado    
720 621-5948

1976 Master of Arts Physical Therapy, Stanford University
Moved to Colorado 1976
Retired from Physical Therapy 1/2012

Coursework in Arts
20  + classes in sculpture and painting 1993 to 2015
City of Lakewood, City of Wheat Ridge, Art Students League of Denver
Other information including Shows:  see Henry's website handersonarts.com 

 Thoughts on painting landscapes

 A landscape painting should be a simplified view of reality; the first task is to remove 80% of information from the image.   Such simplification means that the painting is an interpretation of reality, not reality itself.  This is the reason why paintings are emotional, interactive, and often puzzling.   I often work from photographs of nature.  I begin the process of composition as I take the photograph.  The process continues as I crop the electronic image.  Simplification which begins with the electronic image progresses with the first layer of paint--- blocking out.  With the first thin paint layer of large shapes and simple values the refinement of the composition becomes easier.  The eye’s journey through the painting to the primary point of interest is designed.  I generally take a month or so to complete a painting, adding a new layer  of paint when the previous layer is dry.  This is  when values and color are modified.  When I am happy, when adding more paint makes the painting look worse/not better, I add a layer of liquin and a layer of varnish to complete the painting.